Preschool admissions in Gurgaon have become a common feature among parents who keep looking for best options. The early childhood education program designed by KIIT World School is one of the best preschool in Gurgaon. Gone are the days when education was associated with learning, cramming and examination. With changing times, the system of education has undergone several changes and the approach has gone out of the classrooms. Child education centers have adopted a curriculum which advocates learning with understanding. The early learning process has been divided in zones:

Preschoolers love to explore the world through hands their own hands. Our classrooms provide an environment that challenges them to understand, motivates them to respond, and offers constant encouragement
Our Nursery is designed to help the child to become a responsive learner who can communicate more successfully, and work well both independently and in group situations. The curriculum focuses on active
Kindergarteners are curious minds, they love to experiment. Our classrooms are designed as Explorer’s labs where a child enjoys discovering the world through enquiry. Project based approach ensures child’s
Primary education is the preparation of the child for an exciting journey. It is stage where the child experiences a whole new environment, makes new friends. Primary education is both the foundation stage as well as the orientation stage for the child. It basically focuses upon, giving the child a good grasp of all the basic subjects which will pave way for his/her future.
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