The Junior Chipmunk Show

KIIT World School, Junior invites you all to be a part of the Nutty n Naughty Event. Make it memorable for your kids by participating in cool categories, trying sumptuous food, playing amazing games and lots of surprises to win- A Perfect Play Date with your kid.


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Age Group

Chipmunks Events

The Agile : Age - 2 to 4 years Kids will take part in fun games using their fine and gross motor skills and winners will get cute gift hampers

The Dancing : Age - 2.5 to 6 years Kids will have 2 minutes for rocking the stage with their dance performance. You will need to bring the song in pen-drive

The Versatile : Age - 4 to 10 years Kids will get the stage for maximum 3 minutes performance and the child who evokes audience emotions will be winner

The Funky : Age - No bar Kids will participate on the ramp walk wearing their confidence, brilliant smile and innovative costume.

Why To Get Your Child Admitted In KIIT ?

Best Infrastructure

Pre Nursery Schools in Gurgaon have been mushrooming by the day but KIIT is one, which believes in extending quality education. This has been possible due to smart child friendly modern campus design with indoor auditorium, play zone and learning studios.

Enriching Learning Experience

Learning does not happen in a day. It is a continuous process which begins at home, shapes in educational institutions and continues through daily experiences in life. KIIT World School Junior is a popular name in Early Childhood Education/School in Gurgaon.

100% Nutritious Food

Eating habits can always be developed to yield positive effect on health. At KIIT, this concept is enforced in full swing. 100% Nutritious Food enters the premise which is completely quality checked. The kids get an opportunity to get exposed to table manners and good eating habits.

Best Learning Studio

Kids have the most inquisitive mind. They learn in their own unique ways. Our Learning Studios are designed following the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE APPROACH tapping the core strengths of every child.

Safe & Secure

One of the main aspects of our premises is its safety attached with security offered to the children. The premise is well guarded by a team of experienced guards. There are no secluded, unsupervised corners. All areas are CCTV covered and monitored round the clock. Our support staff has 100% female nannies.

Healthy Environment

KIIT offers a nurturing ambience facilitating healthy and stable growth of mind and body of every child. With child centric education KIIT has emerged as one of the leading schools in building twenty first century skills in learners and hence a popular choice among the young parents for nursery admissions.

Get In Touch With KIIT

Preschool admissions open in KIIT World School Junior in Gurgaon. Let your child enter a whole new world of rediscovering things by way of self exploration. The school has a vision to allow every child to satisfy their own imaginative mind and come forth with self observed results. Teachers are like guiding lamps to enlighten their minds with concepts.


"The best thing about KIIT is that it's a HAPPY ZONE. Children feel loved, secure and cared for. Teachers welcome children with a huge smile every morning with open hearts and open arms."
Shalini Vashishth ( Nursery parent: Samanvi Vashishth )

"It’s simply amazing to see the rapid transformation in my child in just three months. She is becoming so independent, lays her own mat, eats her food on the own using fork and spoon and she is just three and a half."
Shivani (Parent of Tashvi: Nursery student)

"The main reason of choosing KIIT for both of my kids is the personalized attention given to every child. Their approach suits the pace of the child and he is not rushed through syllabus. There is a lot of focus on deep learning."
Aashima Lohan (Parent of Class II and Nursery students: Dev Lohan and Niketan Lohan)

"My son loves the story telling sessions by his teacher and I love the way his eyes light up when he narrates those tales to me in his own version, with all expressions. He is learning new words every day and is so curious to know more all the time."
Sanjay Singh (Parent of Pre Nursery student: Shashwat Singh)

"I truly appreciate the school’s approach of learning by doing. Children are engaged in so many hands on activities on a daily basis that learning happens naturally. They use real life objects and create lovely art and craft pieces on the concept that they are learning."
Prashanth (Parent of Nursery student: D. Paul)