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Are you being blackmailed by your child?

Is your child blackmailing you?
“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvment of parents” – Jane D.Hull
It’s becoming a routine for today’s children to blackmail their parents to get their wishes fulfilled by hook or crook. If not blackmail, they resort to misbehavior or bad attitude towards things around them and mostly towards their parents because they knew after making umpteen efforts by yelling at their parents in public and leaving them powerless, in end helpless parents will have to say “yes”. Stubborn children have this talent of figuring out one or another way to get their demands satisfied.
But do you think this is the right approach to handle your stubborn child who keeps blackmailing you? Have you ever thought of the consequences by responding to your child’s unending demands by always backing down?
If not, then it’s the high time to think over it because by acting in such way, you are sending a wrong message to your child “blackmailing, yelling, throwing tantrums always works to get things in your way” which in end actually strengthen them to keep misbehaving in future without taking ethical rules and manners in consideration.
Being a parent, it’s your duty to understand why your child blackmails you or uses acting out as a problem-solving skill and look for appropriate solutions to their problems. It’s a common case for any child to blow tantrums or feel frustrated when things don’t get their way but it’s a rare case when parents let go such scenarios and give in to their children every time and let them act out in public. Let’s look for some suggestions you can fit in your parenting skills so that you don’t raise a stubborn child-
  • First and foremost step is to think like a child and look for reasons behind their misbehavior. Keep them calm down until their voice gets lowered to zero.
  • Always maintain an emotional connect with your child so strong that they feel good and relaxed while discussing their problems or demands with you. Make sure that your child’s needs are being properly addressed and they feel like important part of the house. Some amount of materialistic things can make your child happy but on a temporary basis whereas your shield of love and care will protect them from the whole world, making them forever happy kids.
  • Kids become more arrogant if they feel that they aren’t being heard. If you want your kids to listen to you, you have to be willing to listen to them first.
  • A big “NO” to every demand of your kid is not the right approach. If you don’t want your kid to buy “A”, give them option to choose from “B” or “C”. Sometimes, it is necessary to negotiate with your children and let them do what they want in return of good behavior in public.
“Children learn more from what you are that what you teach” – W.E.B. DuBois

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