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Best Way to Manage Your Work and Kids

With increasing number of women in the workplace, boundary of distinction between “mum’s job” and “dad’s job” has been erased. Bringing up the child from changing his nappies to make his bag in the morning has become the task of both mother and father.
Working after you are blessed with a child makes your life full of bumps. The actual problem arise when parents have to juggle between their kids and work which sometimes also lead to feelings of distress due to divided attention between both. Ignoring either of them would lead to a life loaded with complexities and tension so following an organized and planned set of routine to balance both profession and parenthood would be a good idea.
Let’s read on to few tips about how to attain an ideal balanced personal and work life without comprising at either side.
  • Go out on weekends with your kids or do some playful activities with them. Spend a good time with them. While reserving the fun activities for the weekends, don’t ignore your kids on weekdays. Get your little ones indulged in enjoyable activities during the week as well.
  • Even if you are burdened with truckload of work, make sure that you daily spend at least an hour with them and ask about their routine of the day and indulge in some playful conversations.
  • Instead of hiring tutors for their various subjects, try to be their guide and help your little ones with their homework.
  • In the juggle of work and family, don’t forget to carve time for yourself. Try to either sneak in an hour to go the gym or read a book of your interest or hang out with your loved ones. Make time for your hobbies outside work. Your mind will be a little more refreshed and a little sharper by the end of it.
  • Mornings become highly tedious especially for working parents. With so many tasks to do including making the breakfast, getting your kids ready, dropping them off to their school or bus, you hardly could fish time for yourself. Rather making a rough start of the day, try to do as much as you possibly can the night before. Set out the clothes for the next day- both for yourself and your child. Decide on the dish you are going to make in breakfast and check if everything required for the recipe is available in your kitchen.
  • Rather compiling your work including household chores and pay an attempt of multi-tasking, start prioritizing your tasks.
The above tips may not solve your every problem walking in the route of work and personal life and may take a while to perfect the routine but you can surely improvise on time-management and simplify the life as much as possible.
“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” – Betsy Jacobson

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