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Encouraging Goes A Long Way Than Advise. Tips On Finding Ways To Encourage Your Child.

It is better to bind your children to you by a feeling of respect and gentleness than by fear
Children at the nascent age of innocence craves for more love and support from their family to sustain their spirits high and positive so being a parent, it’s your duty to spend full attention on your kid especially during their growing stages of 0-6 years and keep feeding them with doses of motivation and encouragement whenever required. Parents play the role of true mentors in their children’s learning lessons
Let’s look at few tips for helping your child succeed through words of encouragement and support:
  • The amount of focus you pay towards your kid’s progress is directly proportional to their success or achievements. A child needs to be praised at their tiniest of achievements as it will help them stay motivated for the future endeavors.
  • Cheer them to achieve better things by setting goals for each hour, each day, and each week. Goal could be to complete the coloring book in a week and milestones would be to color at least 2 sketches a day. Your task doesn’t end with the fixing of goals but check in with your child about the tasks given on regular basis. It will keep your child encouraged to achieve the goal while increasing your involvement to boost their energy. Be their biggest cheerleader!
  • Celebrate their success, no matter how small by offering rewards (a picnic, a toy or a chocolate) and rectify their mistakes with patience and politeness. Do less of complaining and more of appreciating. Your kids require you most of all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them.By Bill Ayer
  • Don’t downplay their interests and ignore their opinions but encouraging them to express their feelings would be a great idea. Make sure to spare out few minutes for your kid during bedtime and ask about their day activities to learn about their intrinsic emotions. Value their decisions in order to show your support and pay your full involvement and enthusiasm in their hobbies. The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day’ – By O. A. Battista
  • Teach your child to face failure with pride as each fall leads one step forward to success. Support and guide them through their failures with utmost care. Infusion of encouragement in your kid’s life surely helps them build a positive self-image and fosters continual growth. Children gain a sense of their own abilities in order to perform better in future.
Being a parent, identify their capabilities in order to minimize their fears and weaknesses. Be truly someone your child will want to talk to and confide in.

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