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Fun activities to do with kids during winters

Not sure how to keep your kids away from boredom when the temperature drops? Looking for ways to keep them entertained over winter break?

Winter can bring your kids days of being stuck inside as weather being too cold and wet, it restricts the little ones to play outdoor. BUT

Instead of making your kids cooped up in warm blankets through winters, let’s try these winter activities that are sure to beat winter boredom and keep them all pepped up.  

  • Some creative craft activities can also break the monotony if playing outdoors is too risky for your kids’ health. Ask your kids to make a snowy winter landscape or some colored-paper snowflakes and hang them up all around your home. Such wintry creations can turn out to be a nice idea to give the whole winter vibes. Let their inner creative genius pop out.
  • Take your kids for bowling when you are looking for something different to do indoors on a cold day. You can also try creating an indoor bowling at home for your little ones. All you need to set up is few water bottles in a certain pattern.
  • How about a freshly baked chocolate cake? Sounds delicious! It will be a lot of fun for kids to help you bake their most loved cookies/cake. Add a cup of hot chocolate to make the perfect winter-time treat and will help keep kids ward off the winter chills.
  • Encourage your kids to make a scrapbook showing the activities they did or wish to do during winter-break.
  • Nothing compared to the joy of reading. Make your kids visit the local library to explore various winter-themed books. You can also bring some of your favorites to home and read out to your kids as bedtime stories on cozy winter nights.
  • When it’s too freezing outside and you certainly don’t want your kids catching a cold, plan to watch an entertaining movie with them. Place some extra cushions on the couch for a comfortable experience. Have the hot chocolate milk and some popcorns ready for the mid-movie hunger pangs.
  • Help them build a fort out of pillows, blankets and mattresses. Your little ones will get to jump around and go on adventures inside a world they built themselves. Pump up some music and have a little dance party right in your living room.
  • It’s really important to make your kids embrace the significance of giving back to the community so collect all your old winter clothes and donate them to a local charity. Winter break is a good time to help those less fortunate.
  • When it’s not healthy for your kids to face the cold, let them splash around in your bathtub filled with hot water. Whip up some tropical drinks as a treat.
  • Indulge your young kids in fun knitting sessions and make hats for each other.
  • Chilly, snowy days call for a trip to a nice hill-station like Mussoorie, Manali, etc. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now as I am sure you kids will love it. Make sure you pack right set of clothes as you wouldn’t want to return with kids struggling with high fever.
  • Building clay sculptures can provide hours of entertainment for your little ones.

Being stuck indoors all winter can be an irksome thought and may dampen their spirits but who wondered that your kids can have oodles of fun while trying these fun-filled activities.  


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