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How to choose best school for your child?

Whether you are choosing a public school or a private one for your little kids, careful planning is a must. Your crucial decision of choosing the right school for your kids could lead them to a path of lifelong successful learning. First of all, you need to understand your child’s requirements.
  • Does your child need more individual attention?
  • Does your child generally take more time to complete any task?
  • Is your child a slow learner?
  • Does your child take active participation in physical activities?
  • Is your child musical or artistic?
Once you have clear answers to these questions, you can start collecting information about schools. Being prepared with a list of requirements to look for in a school will make the whole selection process much easier and quick.
  1. Well-built safe Infrastructure
  2. Rigorous curriculum
  3. Sensory learning experiences
  4. Clean surroundings
  5. Well-trained kids-friendly staff
  6. Vibrant parent-teacher association
Once your priorities are set, consult your family and friends for quality recommendations.
Now it’s time to make some calls and pay visit to the schools that look like a good fit for your child.
   — If possible, tour the school during regular school hours to get a realistic sense of how the overall learning environment looks like.
   — Along with academic content, pay focus on how schools aim to build physical development of a child. Meet the school staff and get all your queries sorted in a clear manner.
   — Overcrowded or noisy surroundings often decline the learning capabilities of a child so make sure that your kid studies in a healthy and disciplined environment.
   — Extracurricular activities offer a major contribution in the overall development of children as it fosters their intuitive and social skills. So while choosing the right school, make sure that it is not just bound to the academics but also lays importance towards extracurricular wing.
   — Keep a check on the disciplinary norms that the school follows.
Keeping the modern digital facilities in mind, the listed schools should definitely be in line with the latest advancements in order to keep its students updated with the technological trends.
Once the information is gathered and assessed, start shortlisting the schools that you think will be best for your child’s intellectual development. Now, it’s time to look into the admission procedures. There may be various tests and interviews your child needs to pass through but keep patience and ensure that you meet all the deadlines.
Choose a school that kindles imagination in young minds while encouraging them to explore, learn, experiment and create.
It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. – Albert Einstein

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