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How to develop preschoolers cognitive developments?

Thoughts and imagination are the fuel to innovation .Thinking is what makes a major difference in our lives.
“Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so.”
Well, what distinguishes good thinking from bad ? And what triggers thinking ? Cognitive development is one amongst the variant topics that exclusively discuss changes brought in a child via his/her environment that straightly triggers the thinking process.
Cognitive development is a widely discussed issue today – the slow development of a child’s mind in terms of intelligence, intellect and creativity. In our gradually changing society what keeps children from some original thinking? Social media with its many benefits has a major drawback of stealing the creative thinking process of young minds.
A child develops in a slow process of stages. The phase of cognitive development is majorly the time from infancy to adolescence. Now the question is how do we ensure a good cognitive development in our child ?
Heard and said are the catches of audio and visual memory over verbal memory. All of us are well versed with the speed of light and sound .Ever wondered why nursery rhymes are sung ? Or why watching a movie in your second language becomes the fastest way of learning it ? All of it lies in the ability of sound and thoughts in fostering development at an early age.
Let’s see what can be done to ensure cognitive development in our children:-
  • Foster the habit of learning good lyrical songs in your children by singing alout their most loved poems. Let’s not forget that maximum figures of speech are usually seen in nothing but a song.
  • Arouse curiosity in your child’s mind by projecting them new things and encourage their habit of questioning. Never downplay their queries but always offer a positive answer. If they don’t start reasoning at the early stages, they may face problems later.
  • Try to craft friendly relationship with your child as any joy becomes doubly joyous when shared with your loved ones. The desire to discover something together or experience a whole new level of adventure makes your child grow faster in all respects of development.
” Five years of school are equivalent to two years spent with a person who challenges your power .”
Nobody can be a better coach to a child than his own parents. Even if you lack time, you can always sit by your kid’s side at bedtime and sing their favourite song or share a quick daddy/mommy v/s children game to maintain healthy relationships and a strong emotional build.
All that matters in the end is the your love and the desire to see your child become good human being and successful, responsible citizens of tomorrow.
initiate the beautiful process of thinking now !

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