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How to grow logical thinking power of your child

Whenever a child’s growth is concerned we focus on the overall development of the child. One of the major factors to be kept in mind while planning the overall development is to plan, how to grow logical thinking power of your child. Focus on:
What thoughts he carries in his mind for any particular object? Does she believe on everything her friends say?
And try to figure out what kind of thinker is your child.
  • Logical thinking is actually an ability to evaluate information to take choice between right or wrong. Your little ones won’t learn by themselves about what is correct or ethical and what is not correct. Plan few day-outs with your kids especially when you are going for grocery shopping. By understanding your choices and how you choose between two products will sow the seeds of logical thinking power in your child’s mind. Not always taking your child along for shopping is a compulsion but at least once in a month, try to indulge him in your shopping experience.
  • To improvise on reasoning power of your child, “spot the difference” or “odd one out” would be the best activities to do. Give your child a set of objects and encourage them to find one that doesn’t belong to the group. Why it doesn’t belong to the whole also needs to be well explained.
  • Children at early adolescent age understand things better if explained in a visual way. Instead of giving them storybooks loaded with only text, try to look for one that has more of pictures. It can also help to encourage children talk about the images that they see.
  • Make your child play with different shapes and jigsaw puzzles wherein they will try to understand how to fit in things by either rotating or flipping them. Puzzles must include reasoning and logic to challenge the developing brain of your child.
  • To stimulate their logical thinking skills, give your child incomplete stories or pictures and ask them to complete it.Give them opportunities to think about what will happen next and why.
  • Indulge in playful conversations with them to know what actually goes on in their mind.
  • Instead of solving all problems immediately for your children, rather ask them about what should be the solution to raise their thinking power.
  • Exposure to various sensory stimuli-sights, sounds, taste, and touch will boost the child’s brand growth. Play sounds of different animals and ask your child to identify each. Offer them various food items and ask to describe its taste.To perfect your child in art of thinking, you should make thinking process fun throughout the academic year as well as during vacations.

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