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How to handle kids with challenging behavior?

“A child, whose behavior pushes you away, is a child who needs connection more than anything else.” Kelly Bartlett
In recent times the awareness regarding the challenging behavior in preschoolers is increased to a considerable amount. According to a survey 21% of the preschoolers suffer with diagnosable disorders. According to another research 10% of preschoolers who enter schools have challenging behavior. The most important part is that, to address to these challenging behaviors of the kids.
How to recognize the challenging behaviors?
Here are few symptoms of challenging behaviors-
  • Property destruction
  • Injurious behavior to self and others.
  • Biting
  • Pica (eating inedible things.)
  • Stereotypy (children who showcase repetitive behavior.)
There are other symptoms too, like screaming, eating fast and running away, nail biting, flopping etc. when we question ourselves that whether regular growing kids can also be challenging kids or not? The answer is yes, it is our responsibility to address these challenging behaviors at a young age and help them get away with.
What is expected from us is a lot of PATIENCE. Yes, dealing with kids with challenging behavior is not bed of roses for sure. At various instances you will feel like giving up, but what you must keep in mind is that, your little patience and endurance today can give this child a normal life throughout.
What can you do to deal with these behaviors?
  • Assessment – This is the primary step when coming to dealing with kids with challenging behavior. Here you need to do deep analysis of the kid’s behavior and find out the reason that triggers that behavior. These behavior are generally triggered by two things, either a child wants a certain thing or wants to get away with anything
  • Make a positive behavior plan – We make the positive behavior plan to change the challenging behavior of the kid. The idea of the plan is to reinforce the desired behavior in the kid by showing the child that how much effective it is by getting what he/she wants.
Small wins lead to greater victories!
When you follow this pattern, initially you will realize that the challenging behavior is diminishing and gradually you will find that the challenging behavior is completely extinguished. When you would realize that you have helped the child to get a transition that will help the child to perform better at all stages in his/her life, is a joy that can’t be expressed in words.Challenging behaviors are indeed challenging, and that nowhere defines what or who a kid is. The child at that stage needs support and care more than anyone else that will help them grow into confident adults!

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