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How to make learning fun for your kids?

To learn is to naturally grow. However we have stereotyped learning as a process of digging into various textbooks. Moreover, in an Indian education system, kids have misunderstood learning as, being a monotonous process of feeding information into their brains. Well ,what is learning precisely?
Though embarrassing but, we have to admit that, not only our kids but we ourselves are forgetting the original concept of ‘the natural process of learning’. It is the acquisition of knowledge independent of the method being study. Learning can be defined as the process of gaining knowledge by either observing things or by a mere experience.
All of us want our children to get the best grades in school but have we ever given it a second thought on how are our children going to grab those best grades?
yes, by being a smart parent who rubs off the phenomenon of cramming and invokes curiosity in their children to reason new things.Where cramming is just the transfer of knowledge from books into the short term memory of little brains, curiosity is the foundational key to learning.
This can be explained hereby:
Curiosity lead to questions that demand for complete answers until doubt resides in our head and that answer instill confidence to compete and offers power to face any exam that comes your way.
Now, the question arises “Is all children are naturally curious about things around them or this seed of curiosity needs to be cultivated in them? Can the process of learning with curiosity can actually be fun for kids?”
It’s simple :-
  • INCENTIVE/REWARDS – Develop the habit of reading in your child with books they have more interest in: eg- comics. Once they are done with reading, ask them how was it? What characters did he/she like? What is the next thing that they’re waiting for?Unmindful of the fact whether you got satisfactory answers at the first time, reward them with a toy or a new pack of colors and wait until they ask for another comic to read in desire of being rewarded again, and over again until reading becomes an inborn habit in them.
  • APPRECIATION : A psychologist said ,” Appreciation is the deepest human craving. ” and I cannot agree less with his ideology for all of us hate to admit it but, we crave to be appreciated.Each time your child learn something new, appreciate them in order to sustain their positivity. Take part in their joy and celebrate their achievements, no matter how small. Encourage them to learn new things each day and teach you the same.
  • MUSICAL TOUCH – The left side of our brain has a lot to do with creativity while the right with speech. The good news is, there is no better exercise for both the sides than music. Music has the ability to get your whole brain into action instantly.So just in case you wonder, why children and music go hand in hand, smile because you know what’s your next step. Add a musical touch to your child’s daily activities and sing them their favorite rhyme.
  • DUAL GAMES – Best way of making your child learn by doing things together while paying your absolute enthusiasm in their tasks. Be a part of your child’s play by challenging them to beat you in, for eg: crosswords, magazine Sudoku, puzzles, memory games such as – Atlas. Numeral games etc. Remember, children love to compete with their parents as it helps in crafting an emotional attachment between both.
At times, let your child learn naturally by planning short visits to historical museum, zoo, a musical play on literature or history.
It’s said,” Don’t depend too much on anyone for even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.” But , where there is darkness there is light so another saying says, ” A learner must never stop learning for knowledge accompanies its owner when nothing does.”
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