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How to make your child school-ready?

Arranged their school bags?
Ironed their school uniform?
Is the breakfast packed?
So you think by fulfilling these tasks, you have prepared your child for the school but have you ever wondered, is your child mentally ready for the school?
Have you ever discussed with them what they feel about their school, teachers, books, friends etc.?
Are they really comfortable in that school environment or something is really bothering them. Do they study with same enthusiasm they display at home or work with best of their abilities? If you let these thoughts slide away your mind considering them useless, you are definitely losing out on something major while developing your child’s overall personality.
Let’s look over few suggestions to be adopted while making your child school-ready
Most importantly is to teach them self-reliance where you being a parent are not fulfilling even their tiniest of chores but encouraging them to do by themselves. These tasks include tie the shoelaces; arranging their school bags, closing shirt buttons/zippers etc. Seeds of self-dependency must be sown at the primary age to see their children growing responsible at the later age.
Try to visit your child’s school more often and have discussion with the teachers to keep a note of how your child is doing in studies. In case of any default or complaint, try sorting it out with your child so that it doesn’t happen again. There might be things, which your child won’t be able to discuss with you like fellow classmates not talking to her/him or a specific teacher is getting too harsh on them that in actual might hamper your child’s productivity. Additional visits to the school might help you find those things.
Talking is the best way to solve any problem. Talk with your child about their daily routines at school and what they like the most. Is there something they don’t like or find meaningless Try to monitor your child’s reactions while having such conversations to let you know their attitude or feelings towards the school. More the positive they think, more the enthusiastically they will study.
It isn’t necessary that all concepts or moral values will be taught in school but the positive behavior in a child should be encouraged at home only. A child’s learning and social interactions with teachers & fellow classmates will improve with the appropriate behavior, which needs to be injected in every child of today. Encourage your child to talk to other children and make new friends.
Last but not the least is to make your child identify their essentials with the help of labels or nametags attached to them to avoid the “lost and found” cases.
Getting your child ready for the big day creates a tumult of emotions as the excitement of watching your child grow slides away with the anxious thought of your child getting adjusted in the new environment with all strangers around. It’s a wonderful experience for both parents and child, which must be nurtured very carefully to create an enriching and learning experience for the future generation.

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