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How to reduce gadget addiction in young children

The new technological era is definitely helping us grow and move closer to future but calling it all boon will be a wrong statement. Technology has been making our lives easier in many walks but killing our imagination and creativity skills on the other hand. Children of the present generation prefer to stay connected with some sort of screen and can spend endless hours in front of the T.V. It’s no more a shock or surprise if you see a 5-year young kid wearing thick spectacles in today’s wired existence. With year by year, these little kids are becoming the sad victim of modernization that results to obesity and other health problems. Gadget addiction not only deprives kids of physical activity but also swallows their creative abilities. Technology without any supervision is not at all healthy for little kids so let’s look at some ways to reduce gadget addiction in young children- 
  1. Be a role model for your little kids. If they see you watching television or using your smart phones 24*7, they will do the same now or then. So first of all, learn to manage your screen time before implementing the same on your kids.
  2. If turning off the gadgets completely doesn’t look like a possible option for your kids then at least set limited screen time.  Ensure the total amount of screen time doesn’t exceed the age-group recommendations.
  3. Generally kids resort to handheld tech devices when no other activity interests them. So being a wise parent, it’s your job to involve children in other fun-filled activities like reading, sports, art activities, music lessons etc.
  4. Don’t make excuses of being so busy that you can’t spare time even for your kids. More they found themselves lonely, more they are likely to look for some sort of companionship in gadgets. Don’t let gadgets replace good parenting, as nothing can be more beneficial than a strong connection between parent and child.
  5. Set ‘not-so-easy’ passcodes to mobile phones and video games so that they can’t be used unnecessarily behind your absence. Lock your Internet connection for a period of time.
  6. Make your kids’ bedroom no-tech zone so that they can sleep peacefully at night. Make sure your kid stays away from gadgets especially when he is studying.
Make your children understand that there is more to life than just gadgets. Going unplugged is not a punishment but an opportunity to explore more things.
Watching too much TV can triple our hunger for more possessions, while reducing our personal contentment by about 5 percent for every hour a day we watch. – David Niven

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