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Importance of making your kid self dependent from the early age

“It’s not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings”
In today’s modern world, all craves to taste the flavors of self-dependency so that they can create their own shell of success without relying on others. One must not forget the fact that seeds of self-dependency must be sown at the early age of innocence to see their children responsible at the later age.
Though it seems like a grave task while balancing work-life and inculcating the values of self-reliancein the children but with slow and steady steps towards independence, a child with confident personality can be raised to set an example for others.
  • During the late infancy stage, be keen enough to understand whether your kids are still dependent on you for even the tiniest work or seems to show degree of independence. Stop spoon-feeding; rather be their support in tough times. Like if your child wants to reach for a toy that is beyond their reach, instead of directly handing it over, allow them to exhaust all of their capacity. You can make the task easier by placing a stool or keeping the toy within their reach.
  • Train them how to make choices and decisions. Parents tend to finish off their children’s work in order to save them from the harsh scolding of teachers but let’s just paint the harsh reality. While trying to be over-protective towards your children in fear of their failure, you are actually bounding them in the shell of dependency. Stop rescuing your child at each step as you can’t be with them every time, everywhere.
  • Allow your child to stay free and play with other children irrespective of varied caste, creed and religion. Instead of forcing your child to read a particular book or play a particular toy to which they might show some reluctance, ask about their choices. Let them choose which book to read.
  • Start by instructing them to do small tasks at home like arranging their bags, eat food without scattering and spilling around, water the plans, keep their dresses at place, clean the room before going to bed. Assign them these jobs depending on their capabilities.
  • Little guidance infused with selfless love for your little munchkins is more than enough to keep them encouraged and motivated. Use their failure as learning aware of the fact that things are tend to be imperfect. Let them fail so that you gain a chance to correct them while appreciating their efforts. Generous appreciation plays a vital role in shaping up their confidence levels and a sense of bearing responsibilities will develop.
  • Ask children to be accountable for their decisions instead of keeping others at fault or blaming outside factors. The ability of children to hold themselves accountable for their actions is a critical part of becoming self-reliant.
Self-reliance can’t be imbued in your children in a one-day practice but an ongoing process, which needs to be nurtured throughout their lives.

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