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Importance of reading during primary school years

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”- Joseph Addison
Developing reading skills in your child at the early age of innocence is becoming highly important with the fierce competition running in the society where each child is the master in making. Reading skills not only help child perform better in academics but also cooks a broader vocabulary blended with increased knowledge in the little mind of of your child. First, let’s dig in the huge difference; the habit of reading can create in your child’s personality development.
  • Children will be exposed to a wide range of new words. The process of reading doesn’t mean working out what’s printed on the page but understating those words is equally important.
  • Reading draw the curtains to the world of imagination quite different from the usual routine where new things in the form of words are popping up at every step that can be used in their oral and written communications.
  • Little child’s concentration power and attention span expands with every read as with the mastery of ability to read, your child will be able to read continuously without getting distracted.
  • young readers are likely be able to put into the practice the concepts they have read about which made them smarter than non-readers. In To read or not to read (2007), the National Endowment for the Arts stated that: “Leisure reading makes students more articulate, develops higher order reasoning, and promotes critical thinking.”
Being a parent, your encouragement plays a crucial role in developing reading habits in your child. you have the power to kick start your children’s learning potential simply by introducing books to their lives and make them an integral part of their routine. Find out what interests them and spend time reading the books they bring home from school together. Reading can be made super fun and enjoyable if parents pleasantly play their roles of educators
  • keep a good collection of books with colourful pictures at home and encourage your child to pick one every night. expose them to books from a variety of genres and instead of making it a monotonous read, entertain your child by making sound effects and noises while reading.
  • Discuss about the pictures and characters in the books to make it more engaging. Make it a ritual to discuss the book they are reading to assess their level of understanding and try to connect the contents to real life as much as possible.
  • Besides books, newspapers or magazines can be picked to make your child aware of new words. once they have gained the mastery of reading, it will surely boost their confidence and make them want to read more.
  • Make sure that no distractions like TV or any sort of noise is around when you start reading to your child. Among young children, bedtime seems to be the most convenient time for reading.
Creating a reading culture in school is equally essential if one wants to encourage students to become avid and motivated readers. Reading is a joyous and enriching experience that can cultivate a remarkable change in the way children think of the world. Thus nurturing reading habit in your child can prove to be rewarding in making them a more confident and knowledgeable person.

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