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Let the kids play!

“In the child- even in the infant- there is, by nature, an inexhaustible and ever increasing interest in the world and for himself. It is not necessary to “entertain” an infant. For hours, days and even for months he plays with the objects he gets hold of.” Dr. Emmi Pickler.
Most of us are brought up with the frame of mind; or rather our conventional approach says that, “playing is a waste of time.” With the changing times, there has been a revolution in which kids are brought up and the way their overall development can occur, and that is through “play based learning.” Here when we talk of play based learning, we focus on “passive toys.” Passive toys make the most active learners. Now you may ask-
What are passive toys?
Passive toys are toys that make a child versatile, it allows them to imagine experiment, investigate and invent. Passive toys also include, “self-initiated play” which enhances a child’s sensory developments. Overall passive toys increase a child’s problem solving skills and make them active learners. “The best play objects for children are the ones which make them active and competent at every stage of development.” Magda Gerber.
What kids need the most in today’s scenario is, “opportunity and time” to figure out the world around them. We should give children the time and power to make their own play choices and play agendas. Our role in that should be to mentor, advocate and model.
A lot of us may ask “How does playing outdoors help?
Well, let us take a situation for instance, “when your three year old, wants to climb but his little legs are not helping.” The first thing that a child requires there is a little boost. When a kid faces a problem, rather than seeking help, they analyze the problem, and act by developing a plan and adapting it to the situation as it is unfolded.
In just one activity, there is so much going on- teamwork, persistence, creative thinking, carrying out a plan, taking risks, feeling successful and being independent. A mere activity has so much to teach to the kid, inculcates such strong values and life lessons in the child. Still at times play based learning is undermined keeping conventional thinking in mind. Mere reading and writing cannot teach the kid, all that activity based or play based learning does.
Play based learning not only teaches the kids the transition that they need for upper grades, rather it teaches kids the lessons that are required throughout their lifetime. Now, it’s up to us to decide, whether we want our kids to just pass the tests of class, or rather be individuals who pass all the tests of life with flying colors!

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