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Managing screen time for young children

It’s no more a shock or surprise if you see a 3 year old kid wearing thick spectacles as with the digital age coming up, children stay glued to televisions, laptops and mobile phones for endless hours and become the sad victim of childhood obesity.
Whom do you want to put blame on? Digitalization or your parenting skills?
Undoubtedly parenting skills are the fault that gives birth to slothful kids who are too lazy to participate in any activity rather choose to relax on the couches and watch their most loved television show all day long.  It kills creativity and imagination in the children as instead of indulging in playful and creative activities with their friends or parents, these gadgets have swallowed their precious time. Today’s kids prefer to lead a wired existence, constantly connected to some sort of screen, be it tablets or TVs or video games or laptops.
Media exposure through watching TV shows or movies is surely beneficial to the growth of children as they learn new things but a limit to that exposure is equally important and matter of major concern as most of the parents still find it a grave task to limit the screen time for their young children.
Don’t worry as we have got the best tips for you –
  1. Being a parent, you can easily set passcodes to allow access on TVs and mobile phones so that they can’t be used behind your absence. Never share them with your child and have full control over their technology use.
  2. If your kid is too stubborn to listen you, disabling the devices will be a great idea especially during the days of examinations. Ask your Internet services provider to discontinue the services for a month so that your kids can’t have access to Internet or remove the power cord of your television set or unplug all the wires.
  3. Set limited screen time like they can only watch one show after school and 2 shows on weekends while keeping an eye on if they are abiding by your instructions or not.
  4. Spend good time with your kids and be involved in their lives. More you are indulge in their activities like school homework or games, less they will be interested in watching the television.  Even if you are burdened with truckload of work, make sure that you daily spend at least an hour with them and ask about their routine of the day or tell them good stories to build their interest.
  5. Don’t do the mistake of installing TVs in your kids’ room so that they don’t spend their whole nights awake with eyes wide open set on the TVs. Always keep phones and tablets out of kids’ bedrooms. Children shouldn’t be given any device 1 hour before bedtime as it blows harmful impact on the eyes of your kids.

Being a parent, play your crucial role in managing your child’s overall screen time and encourage creativity in them.

Watching too much TV can triple our hunger for more possessions, while reducing our personal contentment by about 5 percent for every hour a day we watch. – David Niven

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