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Not All Nurseries Can Be The Best Play Schools And Not All Schools Have The Best Nurseries

An area where plants are grown for transplanting, for use as stocks for budding and grafting”- as defined by Meriam-Webster which if translated to the true sense of being, it would mean a place where a young’un develops its skills, where the child comes into the contact of a microcosm that is a subset of a larger world, a place where it is nurtured so it can garner the requisite tools to face the world, just like a sapling nurtured and delicately cared at the nursery and on attaining stability, the sapling now a young stub of a plant is transferred to a larger “keep” where it grows and flourishes with others of the kind. Thus is the nature of a Nursery.
On the other hand a play school is the petri-dish where the faculties of the child are aligned to the next step in the learning curve, are put to train and hence the learning in various avenues becomes the game of the day. It is in the play school that a child explores variegated facets of life and learns that black is the night sky and not a color in the rainbow. A play school is thus defined as the recreational-educational institute for children that develops their ability to break out of the nest.
The transition from play school to a nursery is a process that is delicate and deliberate, Nurseries are institutions that underscore intellectual, physical and emotional growth that a child can comprehend and imbibe through their sensory training at Playschools, therefore it is safe to assume that though playschools engage in developing the visual, auditory and sensory skills, nurseries on the other hand augment these skills carried forward from playschools.
A corollary to this thought is, activities of play schools are contained, duplicated and honed at the Nursery but it is only possible if the toddler has come to understand the various sensory perceptions he/she has within their control, and this is conceptualized at playschool and not nursery. Therefore it is not necessary that a Nursery can deliver the services of a playschool better than a playschool and vice-versa.

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