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Quality growth of kids encompasses a range of elements

Child is often associated with

  • Hormonal changes
  • Mood swings
  • Health disorders
  • Adolescence
But kids are the most beautiful and memorable part of growing up years. A child is born and the beauty of every age lies in acceptance. Parents should not burden the kids with a list of do’s and don’ts. Certain limitations and discipline should be maintained though. But childhood memories last forever and are a cherished part of everyone’s life. Give a brush with creativity to the kids to get the best out of them. The teen age group falls between 13 years to 19 years. These are the formative years and have to be handled with sensitivity.
Creativity or artistic education is not related with the art side only. The child of an artist need not always grow up to be one. Though the child is always exposed to the artistic world, yet interest and hobbies of the kid may differ. This is the point which every parent has to realize and focus upon. Schools have started focusing on the creative side of curriculum growth for the benefit of the teenagers at large. The young generation enters a state of confusion during these formative years when they are unable to make a decision about the most frequently asked question by many, “what do you want to become?” teenagers often shy away from this question because they are indecisive at this stage. This is the time when they require,
  • Proper guidance about the avenues available for their future growth.
  • Parents and teachers should deal with this issue with patience and sensitivity to yield positive results.
The inclusion of creative curriculum in the education system has proved to be very helpful for the proper all round development of the teenagers. The creative curriculum may include:
  • Make art and craft a recognizable subject with proper teaching aids and bifurcations
  • Nurture the interests of the teens from the early development years.
  • Look beyond books. Scores matter but it is not the only thing which matters.
  • Every person has a talent. The emphasis should be laid on the fact to recognize the talent.
  • Inclusion of courses like media planning, tech savvy topics and advertising are becoming full time subjects in the middle school level which is followed thereafter.
  • Focus on the growth of the teens is a collective responsibility of both parents and teachers. Do not stop the different thought process of the teen. Give them a chance and then help them to follow their dreams. Guide them always and put your experience at use in a positive direction.
Vocational courses have become a part and parcel of the education in schools and the management is trying to make these full time subjects. This will enhance the talent of the teens and give them a chance to be independent in their thinking. This will be creative education for all. Growth and development in the real sense of the term which will be free from the burden of fulfilling someone else’s dream. The mantra is to follow your heart.

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