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Some Tricks to keep your kids off Gadgets

Now comes the most ironical part. On one hand we advocate that people should keep up with the latest trends by being gadget friendly and on the other hand look for avenues to keep kids off the gadgets. These days kids have started using hi tech gadgets as these are easily accessible and available avail home. The exposure to devices like computers, laptops, mobiles, iPads and play stations is considerably high. Even toddlers love to explore these devices and master the art of operation in the process. Thus causing a sense of worry among parents because physical activity and outdoor playing is slowly being replaced by the games available in these devices. Not only is it a health hazard but also harmful for the all round development of the young minds
Few handy tips can help the kids to keep distance from the gadgets and explore the real world.
  • First and foremost reaction of every parent is to give a strict warning or scold. But this is a short term solution which can cause further relentless and unrest in the mind of the kid. Use rationale and logically explain them the ill effects of gadget overuse on one’s health, academics and social life. It eventually works. Quality time spent with children in logical explanation from their perspective is always the right path.
  • Try to keep certain areas at home completely free of gadgets so that kids can find better ways to indulge in quality activities like board games or reading.
  • Explore the hobbies of your kid and try to devote some time with them by indulging in those interests. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy some art and craft activities with them to divert their attention.
  • Keep the gadgets under password lock to prevent the kid from reaching such devices.
  • Still keeping the gadgets at home has become a necessity. Hence one can try to teach the kid to differentiate between a gadget which is good for them and one which is otherwise.
These little tips and tricks can surely limit the use of gadget made by the kids. Though total elimination is a challenge and slightly impossible in an era which is dominated by gadgets.

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