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The Idea Behind Play Based Learning

Play based learning is an idea, that is intriguing most of us these days. It has gained momentum in the recent past. So, let us first start by what is the idea behind “play based learning”, at play based learning we believe that “no play, no learning- know play, know learning.”
In play based learning we like to teach the children in a way they like to learn- though play!
Play based learning nowhere implies that the whole day, children will just be asked to play. In play based learning. There are events where children are asked to come together as a group and learn to listen to each other, and a lot more activities like this.
Play based learning nowhere undermines the value and importance of conventional teaching, rather aims at adding value to it, or enhancing it. In play based learning children are provided with long hours of play time, so that they can engage in activities that interest them the most. In this way from an early stage, we are able to figure out the areas of interest of the child, even children get an opportunity to follow their interest. They learn to take ownership of their work; they grow into confident individuals who take responsibility of things. They are gently molded into kids who learn to take initiatives and are self-directed.
Basically play based learning has greater focus on the process than the product. There is a great focus on personal and social skills too. Kids learn to become a problem solver. Giving children the time and space to solve a given problem, without solving it for them, develops their self-sufficiency which is required at all stages in life.
Children who are raised in a setting, where play is valued understand the value of play and often the best ideas are conceptualized during play. They learn the “joy of learning”, it even helps them to become lifelong learner.
No doubt this proverb was taught to us in childhood, “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.” With play based learning, we have given it a whole new dimension!

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