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Tips To Do Creative Activities With Your Child On Weekends

No matter how many friends your kids have or the number of the toys and video games they may have, nothing compares to the time that your little ones spend with you. That “parent-child” time adds up to an increased trust and a relational bond that will definitely fulfill the unmet emotional needs of your kids and will make them feel secure about their place in the family.
Have you ever wondered?
  • How many times in a day you talk with your kids?
  • Do you spend every weekend in either working or hanging out with your friends?
  • How your kids spend their weekends?
  • Do you share every “Good Morning” and every “Good Night” with them?
Especially working parents get so busy while following their business pursuits or individual interest they hardly could fish out time for their kids on weekends as well. One has to juggle with their personal and professional life but who does it well can be called an ideal parent. In the horde of running ahead the competition in your work, don’t lose out on your kid’s childhood completely. Once time is gone can never get back so make an extra effort to spend regular slots of time with your kids daily. Spending time with your kids is also worth the investment. The rewards you reap of those investments are far beyond just good times.
  • Plan a trip to some hill station to give him a bigger world to discover and bask in the glory of nature, far away from the hustle bustle of the city, so you are ensured some alone time with them.
  • Communication is the key to every strong relationship. Whenever you get time from work, have a good playful conversation with them and talk with your kids about their day. Don’t be afraid to be a kid with them and plan some games to play like video games, pillow fights, and fun board games.
  • Schedule a day once in a month when you are going for grocery shopping with your kids. While cultivating the seeds of logical thinking power in your child’s mind, it will be super fun.
  • Cook your favorite recipes together for the Sunday dinner meal. Either plan to watch a new movie showcased in theatres or watch your old favorite movie together with popcorns and some cold drinks by side. A family movie night is always a hit and fun.
  • Cleaning the house together can also be super fun. Give him a candy for every single task done.
  • It’s time to be a kid again and indulge in the world of colors, crayon, clay and paper. Choose a corner of the kid’s playroom and give an attempt to make some creative artwork together like a photo frame or penholder.
Consider the weekends as an opportunity to strengthen the bond loaded with affection and care between you and your kids and don’t let this time slip out of your busy stressed life. Having at least every Sunday morning free of any scheduled activities can enhance your little one’s imagination and nurture a special bond between you both.

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