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Tips To Grow The Brain Power Of Your Child

It has been said by various child counselors that the first 6 years of your child are the most important as during this nascent age of innocence, a child learn most of the life skills and actively participate in the learning games. so it’s an absolute call of a parent on whether to waste these 6 formative years relying totally on school learning or to give your full involvement in boosting your little munchkin’s brain power.
Below written are some ways a parent can dig into to enhance the brain power of a child and improvise the learning skills while imbibing cultural values as well.
  • Make reading more fun and interesting by choosing books with large and colorful pictures. Don’t waste off time by just reading the text rather make the reading fun by making noises and ask your child to do the same. Make them identify objects and create the sound related to them. Stretch on certain words to make your child curious and inquisitive. For instance- “There was a big LLLLIIIOOOONNN in the jungle”
  • Bring them appropriate toys that make a child to put some effort while playing. Like, building blocks in bright colors and various shapes would be perfect at the age of 4-6 years. Your child will learn some of the balance tactics and identification of different shapes as well.
  • Parent’s involvement plays a critical role in a child’s development so your task doesn’t end with the purchase of toys/books or getting your child admitted in preschool but setting up a safe environment around your child wherein you communicates with them on daily basis while making a secure emotional attachment by not making them feel alone and share your hand in their coloring/reading and various other tasks is also very necessary. More you invest your time in baby activities, more your child will be able to explore new things.
  • A healthy meal at this initial age of learning contributes majorly in developing a child’s brain power. Milk with mashed or raw banana teamed with dried fruit provide accelerating fuel to your child’s brain especially if provided in the breakfast as it helps sustain your child’s energy throughout the day. Bananas are an excellent energy-boosting carbohydrate. A bowl of cereal blended with milk is always a healthy start to the day and gives the required energy to carry out the activities.
  • Not every child is of same temperament. Some children are quite inquisitive and explorative in nature about new things; some are too shy to ask about them. So don’t adopt the same approach for your every child. Try to match with their temperament and be an encouraging parent to make them try new things in order to boost their brain power.
Build some beautiful, learning-enriched experiences for your baby that they would always cherish. In form of memories, you are actually giving their brains a solid foundation to grow.

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