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Why a playschool is important for your kids?

Time management is emerging as a major problem of especially working parents who find sparing time for their children a grave task. Lack of quality time given by them poses a dangerous threat of their children becoming- disoriented, dejected, frustrated, sad and absolutely lonely.
One such phenomenon that proves this is the rising demand for psychiatrists and psychologists in metropolitan cities. Ever wondered what gave way to ‘child psychology?’
Well it’s nothing but lack of communication and understanding between the child and his ultimate guide/mentor -his parents.
‘Preoccupations of parents’ minds with never finishing piled up work load and interpersonal as well as intrapersonal relationships ‘, prevents them from devoting sufficient time to their child’s physical, mental as well as emotional development.
“The only way to face a problem is to solve it.”
So here it is: the best way to give parental care to your child and yet take out ample time for your personal life is -‘a good daycare or preschool.’
This is where the importance of a good preschool lies in our child’s development. On a serious note, give this a thought, what changes can a good playschool do? Let’s Ponder over:
  • Indirect yet direct involvement with your child -a good preschool gives you the assurity of an allover development of your child as well as, the golden opportunity of spending enough leisure time with your kids.
  • A Balanced life: Balance in family and work is the hallmark of success. Playschools help you attain the ultimate balance of your work and personal life by making sure that your child is looked after with the same love and care that you would offer.
  • “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy ”- all of us have heard of this idiom since our very childhood but is it really noticed now? Playschools ensure optimum amount of exercise along with a required amount of factual knowledge, which makes them mentally fit and healthy. This sheds off a little burden of our shoulders and reminds us of good parenting from time to time.
  • Evasion of fast foods with the inclusion of pulses, green veggies in the timely allotted meals help children to inculcate good eating habits for a lifetime .This also ensures a high mortality rate among them.
  • A scheduled day for your child brings an important point into notice that, ‘ playschools prepare the child to be self – disciplined in the daily chores of life.’
“Self- discipline is the foundational key to success “. This is introduced from the very playschool that a child first goes to.
Keeping these enumerated points in mind one becomes pretty much well versed with the importance of day schools in the lives of working parents.
Here’s an excerpt from an interview with sachin tendulkar on facing problems as a father where he says “It’s a little unfortunate that I can’t take my kids out for an evening walk or whatever. If I had to go out and be a normal father it’s not possible.”
As seen above in such cases and many other cases of working parents children tend to miss out on the necessities of a healthy lifestyle.
This is where playschools or daycares come to your rescue and save you from the guilt of ‘not being able to give ample time to your children’.
It’s time to gear up your lives and, walk out with pride for managing to maintain a perfect balance of work and home beautifully. This can be possibly done with the best use of good playschools at your disposal.
“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”
Go forth! Go ahead and see how, the little things that you do today turn out to be the big things tomorrow.

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