Principal - Ms. Rashmi Srivastava - KIIT World School - Sector 46,Gurgaon

A message from the Headmistress of KIIT World School

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
The quote by Albert Einstein is a thought provoking statement for all educators. Imagination is the gateway to all possibilities. While conceptualizing the school, we have made conscious efforts to design our curriculum in a way that encourages creativity, ingenuity, thinking freely and expressing it without any fear. Why is the dove that symbolizes peace always white? It can be pink or yellow, we don’t have to stifle a child’s imagination and feed with our preset notions always. We can let them paint the sky green, we don’t feed them with information but let them explore, innovate and create their own solutions.
At KIIT, teachers and students are co-learners. We travel the world with them in air-balloons, live in chocolate houses, feed the bunny a carrot every morning, and learn why telling the truth always pays in the end- through our story books. We water the saplings and see them growing in our class-garden, we play in the sandpit and soil our hands, we sing folk songs and dance on jazz, we put up a market place and make great sale- through our Learning Studios. Together we make learning a great fun!!

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KIIT World school is best school in Gurgaon. The teachers here take pride in their unique teaching pedagogies and a very well structured curriculum. A finest future for your child is guaranteed here.